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Written by DM_Team   
Friday, 06 January 2012 13:27

Young people today are said to be full of energy, ideas and the naivety to bring about great changes to society. However in Sri Lanka our youth are being punished, held back and frustrated due to the inefficiencies of management in the education system. From results debacles to violence at universities, young people hoping to pursue education in their home country are clouded with uncertainty. 
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# DM_Team 2012-01-06 13:36
Do young people in Sri Lanka have the opportunities they need to succeed?
# Kamal 2012-01-06 19:11
In some other parts of the world... yes; but not in Sri Lanka. Hence, the reason for young people to leave this country.
# Maxwell Parsons 2012-01-07 23:19
My heart has always been with young people and the many wonderful young people in our dear land are some of the brightest, inventive and smart folks. Hoever, in my interaction with them, many of their experiences have been stumped by corruption, political appointments and those children from highly placed families who are a bunch of spoiled and social parasitic idiots. Having no background of can look upto in both Sinhala and Tamil culture? Let us not fool them and ourselves in the fact that there is no exemplary life? Our education system is in the last dregs at this time in the history of our nation ( if we even have a history)? The majority Sinhala people have been betrayed by a few power hungry politicians who have systematically hijacked their own Sinhala people!!
# A W Abdulkany 2012-01-06 19:40
Youth are our social capital - their strength, energy, ideas should be taken into account. Innovations and creating objects are not really needed. Their positive strengths should be mobilized to benefit the country. There are enough and more intellectuals in country and in the University system - there are really a section of our country including the one who thought of this topic is interested in youth affairs, their ideas should be harnessed - and taken as a National Issue. if it is taken as a National Issue, solutions too could be at the national level. They should not be treated as thorns who destroy the nation. If one wishes to kiss the rose, thorn may prick the cheek - but it has to be done and treated thus. If a national fails to take care of its younger generation - that nation will have to pay a bigger costs. Let us take the Youth as our national pride - and make them to contribute to the development of this country. Sri Lanka belongs to them.