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Written by DM_Team   
Wednesday, 04 April 2012 08:54
altIn the past few weeks Government Ministers have been making some absurd statements, which no right-thinking member of the public would believe. Whether it be about boycotting American products or living on Rs.7500, or more sinister in the form of disembodying media personnel--Members of the government feel they are entitled to express themselves without any consequence.
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# DM_Team 2012-04-04 09:00
Do you think these are merely ploys formulated by the government to keep the public distracted and concentrating on other matters?
Or have we elected, individuals who have no respect for our intelligence?
# Dismanirie 2012-04-04 14:13
Absurd statements are not made only by Sri Lankan politicians. Just look what comes out of the mouths of candidates for the Republican Party nomination for the Presidential Election in the US. Check out the idiocy in the European Parliament or the Russian Duma. The fact is that the GoSL does not have the discipline to devise distractions for the electorate, when it is faced with so many brushfires resulting from its own lack of co-ordination and planning. The outrageous blunders of elected officials in SL is a result of lowering the standards for candidacy.

Certainly their utterances do the image of the country no good whatsoever, and the sooner more experienced parliamentarian s shut them up or impeach them the better for all.
# Calistus Jayatilleke 2012-04-04 14:51
Never in the history of Sri Lanka have so many politicians suffered from an incurable disease called "verbal diahorrea". The whole problem seems to nbe the lack of discipline and control from the Head of Government who has given a free rein to his uneducated, half-baked Ministers.
The President either enjoys their antics for his own entertainemnt or else he feels helpless to stop their foolish acts due to some other mysterious reason. Or else, the President is bent on reviving the ancient Sinhala kings' system of keeping Palace Jokers to keep the Kings amused at all times. One classic example is Minister of Education, Bandula G. saying that Rs. 2500.- is sufficient for one person to live for a month; and the Minister for Public Relations threatening to break limbs of citizens, and Minister Weerawansa asking people to boycott American goods. The Gallery is happy and clapping while the those in the Balcony are wondering what has gone wrong.
# Don Diego 2012-04-06 22:41
We have elected individuals with no intelligence.
# Patriotic 2012-05-09 14:09
Its not a government ploy but the stupidity of the ministers who is trying hard to get the attention of the President.
# Hussain Fahmy 2012-05-19 11:43
In the Parliament, Mervin Silva during his speech narrated a story.....
"There was a Father who gave 100 rupees each to his 3 sons and asked them to buy things and fill up a room completely
The First son bought Hay for Rs. 100 but couldn't fill the room entirely.
Second son went & bought Cotton for Rs. 100 but couldn't fill the room entirely.
Third son bought a Candle for Rs. 1 and lit it up... and instantly the room was filled with light completely."

The Mervin added "Our President is like the third son. From the day he has taken charge our Country is filled with the bright light of prosperity"

A voice from the opposition JVP “Then where is the remaining balance of Rs. 99?"
# Deen 2012-05-23 00:25
Todays politicians are henchmen, thugs, murderers of the called leaders.
Most importantly they were people who carried slippers and files for thier masters in the past.
The best politician today is the most thick skinned thug, murderer who should be able to eat what he vomits and eat what another man vomits.
(Specially in SL) If you dont like a certain person or a party that is cotesting you vote for another person whom you think will be a better leader, but what happens when he wins, he takes the biggest possible bribe and joins the ones we did not want in the first place.Thus making fools out of the voters and the public.
When you look at SL from outside its real pathetic..